All about Me
Hi, I'm Roger and if you want to find out more visit one of my other sites.
The photographic side of my life has been waiting for new inspiration for the last couple of years and this has now appeared! Although I have had a camera for over 60 years I have never undertaken any training other than at school, and that was long ago and things have changed since then!

I got involved in digital photography in its early days through running things for youngsters in the village. I realised the potential but was not really able to do much about it at the time. However upon reducing my work load and taking photographs for clients I returned to an art form I love. I started to experiment and joined local art groups and progressed my work. I still take straight photos but prefer using software to either modify pictures or create new images. These new images are named World Within Worlds and consist of at least two photographs blended together to create an image that requires a degree of thinking to appreciate what it is.

Some early work is at
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